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CBSE’s assessment tests creates additional pressure for students

The Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE’s) decision to do away with examinations in schools has indeed turned out to be counter – productive for the students. Perceived as a move to reduce burden on students, they now have to sit for a never ending series Assessment Tests throughout the year.

“We sit for formative assessment tests (FAs) every week and two summative examinations in a year. The FAs are like unit test which we used to take earlier but they are conducted more frequently now. In FA tests, our teachers dictate four to five questions and we have to write their answers”, a student of a private school in Bhopal was quoted as saying.

PS Kalra, the President of Sahodaya Group of Schools ( Group of CBSE schools in Bhopal) recently admitted that some schools in the city were failing to adhere to thec guidelines set for formative assessments. He also remarked that some schools were still conducting weekly tests which in turn are creating additional pressure on the students.

However, the CBSE’s guidelines clearly states that formal tests should not be conducted frequently in schools in the name of formative assessments. Instead, the teachers should come up with different methods to ascertain the level of understanding of a student. In fact, the formative assessments were also a medium to test a teacher’s ability and assess his/her teaching methods as well as their impact on the children.

Professor Zamiruddin, Convener, Guardian’s Guild also pointed out the role played by parents and the authorities responsible for planning the syllabi of school children. He added that many parents and school authorities wanted their children to mug up everything in the initial years.

“This is incomplete justice with the young minds. Conducting tests almost every week creates mental pressure for children”, the Professor excerpted.

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