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CBSE XII Maths Paper was too Lengthy and Tough says Students

It seems a sense of dissatisfaction and disappointment is abound amongst students appearing in the CBSE’s Class XII board exams. Many students have come forward complaining that this year, the CBSE XII Maths Paper had a lot more question requiring “higher order thinking skill” compared to previous years.

Many students were vocal about their dissatisfaction with the way CBSE crafted the maths paper. Some vent their anger on social media platforms. Apart from that, some teachers as well as students complained that a question from a chapter on Vector was erroneous.

“It appears the question setter was more keen on showing off his subject knowledge and not test the capability of students” while another student remarked: “We are students and not scientists”, as reported by the Hindu.

Some school principals also believed to have received complaints. “Students have been complaining that the paper was complicated. Lengthy and twisted questions in a maths paper means students spend a lot of time on one problem and then the tempo is lost,” said Avnita Bir, principal, R N Podar School, Santacruz, as reported by the ToI.

Many experts believe that the paper ended up being tough because of CBSE’s objective to make it far less predictable than ever before.

“There has been a little change in pattern and I believe it was a conscious decision to ensure that the papers are not very predictable. However, students have not been very happy about it,” said a school principal.

It is worth noting here that many students experienced similar problems with the Physics paper.

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