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CBSE UDAAN facilitates girls crack JEE Main exams

CBSE helps girls clear Engineering exams through UDAAN and 20% quota  

The project — ‘Udaan’ has helped 135 girl students to clear the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE)-Mains for admission in engineering colleges this year.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has started an initiative to help more girls crack Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and balance the gender level in the prestigious institutions. Apart from introducing a special quota for girls in IITs, a project ‘Udaan’ has been started.

In April, the government approved a 20% quota for girls in IITs.

CBSE UDAAN – This year, the project Udaan helped about 135 girls crack the JEE Main exam which helps the students take admission in various courses in engineering colleges throughout the country. Last year, it helped 143 girls.

How UDAAN Benefits

  • This project only helps girls from families with an annual income less than Rs. 6 lakh.
  • The project helps the girl students with 80% or more in Science and Mathematics stream. The student needs 70% or more as the overall percentage with the preparation for the JEE.
  • These girls are provided with lectures, study material, and mentoring support free of cost.
  • Virtual contact classes are organized in about 60 different designated cities.
  • For doubt clarification, a helpline service is also provided.
  • Many students from IITs are working as mentors for the students.
  • Motivational tours to IIT Delhi are arranged.
  • It involves the use of latest technology to provide the girls with the necessary training. Girls could learn without setting a foot outside the home. With the mobile application, all the study material is easily available.

RK Chaturvedi, Chairman of CBSE, said that the project will encourage girls to go for subjects like Mathematics and Science instead of soft subjects. He also added that more than 75%of the registered candidates for the engineering entrance examination are boys. The project will help in the removal of all the economic, social and cultural constraints and prepare the girls for the future.



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