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CBSE to re-train teachers on Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation

Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Two workshops were conducted by CBSE to retrain is teachers across the state of Jaipur for efficient and effective implementation of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) in its affiliated schools. The complete reports on both the workshops were published on Monday.

An agency empanelled by CBSE organized the workshops after it was found that many schools were finding it hard to follow CCE in its precise form. Many schools were still confused about the formative and subjective assessments. The summative assessment is conducted after the end of a session to evaluate a student’s learning capacity and the purpose of formative assessment is to identify and clear their doubts and problems. But, many schools did not make proper utilization of the activities and tools in formative assessment.

The two workshops were divided into 23 sessions and retrained the teachers on different aspects of CCE including both the assessments, value based education, reporting and recording, gender sensitivity etc. According to Prof. B.L. Handoo, the schools should properly assess their specific books to determine whether they are gender neutral. The content is most of the books were found to be gender biased.

Handoo also confirmed that proper training of the teachers plays a very important role in the success of CCE. Factors such as large size of the classroom, unavailability of adequate resources and doubts about the concept of CCE have hampered the implementation of the system in its correct spirit. The main aim of the system is to prepare students for facing worldwide challenges and not just limit their learning skills to the textbooks of their classrooms. The workshops also taught the teachers how to assess their Class IX and XI students on qualitative and quantitative logic and even language conventions.

The Lata Rawat,  Principal, Cambridge Court High School, confirmed that the next responsibility of the schools is to make the correct assessment of both the listening and speaking skills which was introduced in the CCE in the middle of 2013 session. According to another CBSE circular, the general studies introduced in classes will have special emphasis on defense services.


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