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CBSE sets up committee of subject experts to look into class 12 math exam


Following complaints of “difficult and lengthy” math paper pattern, the Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) has set up a committee of subject experts to look into the matter.

The CBSE class 12 math exam was held on 14 th March 2016. On 16 th March, 2016, CBSE issued a circular that the feedback received from various stakeholders including students, subject teachers, examiners will be placed before the committee of subject experts and the board will take remedial measures before evaluation.

This year’s CBSE class 12 math paper held on March 14 had received a lot of criticism from students, teachers and parents over its “difficult and lengthy” pattern. An online petition launched by a student from Guwahati, calling for a merciful evaluation, garnered some 11,000 signatures.

Students across India went into a panic mode after the class 12 math exam, and requested the board to address their concerns. According to a CBSE official, a subject cum curriculum expert and board representatives will take corrective measures and prepare a marking scheme before evaluation begins.

A copy will be sent to all checking centres and students will be marked according to the set formula. The scheme for moderation of marks is generally reserved for rare occasions when it is clear the paper was difficult.

A similar situation arose last year for the same class 12 math subject. The CBSE board took a similar measure, and set up an experts’ panel to rework the marking scheme. For vague or tricky questions, marks for every answer step are also mentioned in the scheme.


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