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CBSE seeking alternatives to homework

The Central Board of Secondary Education ( CBSE ) is trying to come up with an alternative to homework for upper primary level (Class VI to VIII). As a part of this move, the board is consulting all schools affiliated to it on the issue.

According to reports, CBSE has asked all schools to fill up a detailed questionnaire aimed to fetch them some insight on homework from the perspective of schools.

The board shed some light into the process on its website that reads: “home work is considered as an empowering instructional strategy by providing opportunities to students to consolidate and review their classroom learning, hone skills, develop thinking faculties through independent learning, interacting with parents, reflecting, summarizing and presenting information in relevant and meaningful contexts“.

Even though CBSE understands the basic purpose of homework, it is also aware that not everybody tends to agree with that viewpoint.

“To this end many good schools have been giving creative, meaningful and interesting assignments to their students. But there are still many schools where this is viewed as a burdensome activity by teachers, and monotonous and time consuming activity by the students and parents. The CBSE, with a view to gain an insight into different issues related with the homework, has designed this questionnaire for school principals, teachers, students and their parents,” the board added, reported TOI.

The questionnaire includes question like what’s teachers opinion on homework and how they deal with those students who fail to finish the task at time.

“The Board expects the schools to publicize this questionnaire to the desired stakeholders so that appropriate strategies and activities can be designed and suggested to the schools for assigning meaningful, scientific and research-based homework at upper primary (classes VI-VIII) level,” CBSE further noted.

The questionnaire aims to resolve one key point – should all the students in a class be assigned the same homework or should it be customized to suit each student’s unique individual needs.

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  1. Farzana Shakeel Ali says:

    Flipped classroom is the best alternative as it will encourage self-directed learning.

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