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CBSE schools expect Class X board exams to be tougher


CBSE board Class X exams to be tougher from this year

CBSE schools feel that Central board of Secondary Education examination which has been restored for this year will be tougher for students.
Earlier, the CBSE board exam was for the term II syllabus only as it was not mandatory. Now the exam will be conducted for the entire syllabus as notified by the CBSE board in its circular. The schools said that it will be tough for students to score better, as various major changes have been made for the board exams.


As per the circular issued by the board, the class X exams known as Scheme –I (board exams) and Scheme –II (school level exams) till now shall be discontinued from the year 2017.


Earlier, the CBSE schools were following the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) pattern for both the lower grades and CBSE-level students. Now CBSE has scrapped the CCE pattern and introduced the 100 percent syllabus pattern.


The Board also asked the schools to replicate the same assessment model of CBSE class X for the class IV to IX for uniformity. The board has also made the scoring pattern tougher, as students will have to score 33 per cent marks separately in theory and internal assessment.


The new scoring pattern is challenging for students, but it will be easier for them when they appear in class XII exams. Earlier, the class X board exam was conducted on the basis of term II syllabus only, but now it will be based on 100 percent syllabus. The same has been implemented for students from grade VI till grade IX.
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