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CBSE Re-evaluation Outcome – Marks changed in over 4,000 cases

Marks Increased in 4632 Cases in CBSE Class 12 ResultsCBSE Class 12 Results

CBSE Re-Evalution outcome –   According to statement released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Marks have been changed in over 4,000 cases after re-evaluation of answer sheets of Class 12 exam which accounts for 0.075 per cent of total evaluated copies

The board, which is facing flak over evaluation errors, revealed the statistics and said action has also been initiated against over 200 teachers for “callous evaluation”.

According to the statement given by the CBSE Secretary Anurag Tripathi

  • Over 61 lakh copies were evaluated for Class 12 out of which there were 66,876 applications for the first stage verification process. There were changes in marks in 4,632 cases which is just 0.075% of the total copies evaluated.
  • He said that changes in marks were made in 6.9% of the 66,876 applications received.
  • The secretary also pointed out that of the 4,632 cases, where there has been an increase in marks, 3,200 of them fall in the increase by 1-5 marks category, which otherwise is considered zero error.
  • He said, “The board has already initiated suspension and strict action in case of 214 teachers for callous evaluation.
  • To minimise human error, CBSE will further strengthen the system with training of teachers and evaluators and technological intervention,”
  • Tripathi further explained, “Earlier the board’s policy was to not affect any changes after re-evaluation if the changes ranged between 1-5 marks, as it is an accepted international norm that there will be 5-7 per cent differences in evaluation between one evaluator and other.”

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