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CBSE planning to bring open book exam for X and XII

Following the debut of the Open Text Book Assessment for students class IX and XI, the Central Board of Secondary Education is now planning to bring open book exams to class X and XII.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to introduce open book exams to students of class X and XII, reveals a new report.

Aimed to launch by March 2015, a select few subject for Class XII alongside all class 10 subjects will include OTBA (Open Text Based Assessment) as part of the Board exams.

The OTBA will debut this year in March for students of Class IX and XII.

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Vineet Joshi, chairman of CBSE, said that the Board was actively considering the idea of including OTBA as part of Board exams. “It will change the way teaching and learning happens in the classroom ,” he clarified, Times of India reports.

Open book exam to X and XII

The CBSE OTBA pattern was introduced for encouraging students to emphasize on application based learning rather than rote learning. The Board believes, this approach will help students use their logical and analytical reasoning skills while answering questions during exams.

It is worth mentioning that open book exams does not necessarily mean that students will be allowed to refer to books while attempting the answers. Instead, the question papers will include questions based on study materials provided by the Board.

The materials provided by the Board include, diagrams, graphs, text content, charts, data as well as illustration.

“We are going to focus a lot on teacher training . For a programme to succeed, teachers have to be confident . We are going to focus on changing the teaching methodology in the classroom ,” Josh said, while explaining how the board intends to train teachers so that the new approach sails smoothly.

There is a demand from schools for the syllabus , but we are not increasing the number much . This year 300 applied, but only 75 schools have been given approval ,” he added.

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