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CBSE to hold its fifth Student’s Global Aptitude Index

The Central Board of Secondary Education in a notice to all the heads of the CBSE affiliated institutions announced the Student’s Global Aptitude Index (SGAI) which will be tentatively held in November 2014.

This will be the fifth edition to the Student’s Global Aptitude Index being organized by CBSE. The institutes affiliated with CBSE from all over the country and abroad are invited to send in their participation details and become a part.

As many as six Lakh students worldwide have already opted for the CBSE SGAI in the past three years. It should be noted that the Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education has also introduced CBSE’s Student’s Global Aptitude Index for its students of Class X.

A recent survey of SGAI participating schools showcased that as many as 88 per cent of the schools/ institutes (of the ones which are a part) rely on the SGAI result for aptitude testing. Also many a schools and members of the public have made the appeal and suggestion of making the SGAI compulsory for all schools and their Class X students for Aptitude Testing.

What is Student’s Global Aptitude Index?

The SGAI assessment is not only a tool for empowering the students but also the SGAI is being used as a device for the students to make informed academic choices at the end of class X among various stakeholders.

SGAI is a unique tool as it stands by the fact that each person is one of a kind in terms of his/ her Aptitude, Interest, Personality and Motivation and so in turns needs to make individual academic plans and not based on peer pressure, forced directions or due to ill-formed knowledge.

Making SGAI an integral part of the school system

There is great demand and need to make Aptitude testing an integral part of the school system in our country and CBSE is the pioneer board of education to bring this concept to its affiliated institutes. The SGAI has been designed keeping the participating segments of Indian students in mind; CBSE affiliated Private, Government and Aided Schools.

As per the CBSE notice, “For 2014, the board will be holding the SGAI Advocacy cum Orientation Programmes in schools pan India and 17 programmes have already been concluded. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Approximately 1050 Principals, counselors and teachers from 656 schools have been sensitized through these programmes so far. For the purpose of facilitation, this year also, the advocacy material has been refreshed and prepared in the form of Power Point Presentation, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Teacher’s Manual of Activities and other advocacy material which will be sent to the schools via e-mail.”

The notice has also informed that at present there are efforts being made to take the SGAI to an online (Computer Based) mode.

Registering for CBSE SGAI

Since the single window registration process last year was well taken and appreciated by the schools, so the same will be continued for the Fifth Edition of SGAI registration also. There will be no separate registration for SGAI. Schools can easily fill up the option provided for SGAI in the Online List of Candidates (LOC) of Class X students for academic session 2014-15 and deposit fee of Rs 100 per student along with Examination Fee payable at the concerned Regional Office. The schools are required to register their students for SGAI Fifth Edition by October 07, 2014.


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