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CBSE decision on Moderation of Marks is “Unfair and Irresponsible” says Delhi HC

Moderation Policy – “Unfair and Irresponsible”: Delhi High Court

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Delhi High Court on Monday called the CBSE’s decision to scrap its ‘moderation policy’ as “unfair and irresponsible” under which grace marks are given to students in exams for difficult questions and asked why it cannot be implemented from next year.

The court of justice feels that the decision of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) would have a drastic effect it came into effect this year, since the result this year (2016-17) is going to be announced in a few days.

It asked the CBSE to tell it by Tuesday when it would hear a PIL that has contended that the policy should not be done away with this year, as decided by some states, since it would affect the students of Class 12 who have applied for admissions abroad. A petition was  stirred by a parent and a lawyer, after the exams for the year were held.

A senior advocate, appearing for the petitioners, said as a result of the change in policy, Class 12 students may not meet the cut-off of the Delhi University as there could be a decrease in marks by at least 15% due to CBSE’s decision. Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, have decided to implement the policy change from next year. and hence the students from these states would fare better than those from Delhi and other states.

This major decision for restricting this practice of moderation of marks had started from 2016. On December 2016, CBSE had requested MHRD to develop a consensus on completely removing the marks moderation policy which always led to rise of marks in board exam results.  Finally, this led to the discontinuation of moderation policy. Students, who were affected by this, were those who had a tough examiner and bothered those who had a difficult set of question paper.

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