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CBSE decides to meet School Principals to discuss controversial Class XII Maths Paper

In the wake of complaints that the Maths paper in the ongoing CBSE Class XII board exam was a lot tougher than it needed to be, the board has decided to discuss the matter with school principals in a meeting.

In the meeting, the board is also likely to discuss the feasibility of giving a relaxation marks in the paper.

According to the sources within the HRD ministry, another way to go about resolving this controversy could be facilitating an “improvement exam” to the students. However, for that to happen, a broader consensus must be evolved.

Board officials are of the opinion that some schools may not have been “intimated accordingly” to the changes in the pattern of the paper.

“There have been some changes in the question paper pattern and some schools may not have been intimated accordingly. So, we want to ensure that students are not put through any kind of harassment,” said a CBSE official.

All these issues including the nature and difficulty level of the questions will be duly consulted with the principals in the meeting.

The official also mentioned that an evaluation committee will take place shortly after the exams are over in order to assess the merit of the grievances of the students and take a final call on the question whether or not it would be a good idea to award grace marks to students.

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Meanwhile, some teachers are acknowledging that the questions were significantly different from the usual or traditional pattern.

“The questions were not out of syllabus, but needed in- depth knowledge and HOTS. It was more of an application-based paper, much different from the traditional pattern of the paper,” said Neha Agarwal, mathematics teacher at The Indian School, as reported by Zee News.

“It wouldn’t be easy scoring a perfect 100, so not only average students, the above average ones too will be affected,” she added.

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