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CBSE IX X students to appear for 2 summative assessments

567795In a recent annual meeting, CBSE exam committee has decided to bring about changes in the assessment pattern for classes IX and X.

According to the latest circular, now onwards students from classes IX and X will have to mandatorily appear for the two summative assessments (SA) and pass with a certain percentage of marks, and if a child could not appear for any one SA, the school should hold another exam for him/her.

This new system will ensure that students don’t take their exams lightly.

CBSE classes IX, X students to appear for two SAs’ now. The circular states that only those who participate in sports at the national/international level will be exempted from appearing for any one of the SA exams, provided that the student seeks permission in advance.

These rules will be effective for class IX students from the 2013-14 academic year while for class X students, the rules will be effective from 2014-15.

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