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CBSE Class XII Results 2017 – Re-evaluation, Marks Moderation, Toppers and more

CBSE Class 12 Results have been announced – Know about Re-evaluation, CBSE Marks Moderation Policy, Class 12 Toppers 

School students across the country celebrated their success on Sunday as the CBSE Class 12 results of the  were finally announced, following a delay in release.

The CBSE announced the results of class 12 examination. The CBSE is showing its result on the internet with technical support of the National Informatics Centre, Department of information technology, Ministry of Information Technology and the Government of India.


No  Re-evaluation – Only Verification of Marks from 2017!

See this video to know more on CBSE Re-evaluation Policy, Verification of Marks


No Re-evaluation

No request for re-evaluation will be entertained by the Board from the year 2017.

Verification Of Marks

Photocopy Of Answer book – The process of verification of marks and providing photocopy of Answer books will continue.
The Process for Verification of Marks and Photocopy of Answer book will be displayed on CBSE’s website shortly.
The HRD Minister, Prakash Javadekar congratulated the toppers for their performance.
The all India pass percentage has gone down from 83.05 percent to 82 percent as reported by a senior CBSE official.  The board announce the result for all ten region at the same time.
After class 12 results the CBSE Board has started a helpline number 18000118004 for psychological counselling. 65 counsellors will be available here.

Moderation Debate

The CBSE Class 12 results 2017 had been delayed because of uncertainty over the marks moderation policy. As an endeavour to check the high cut off in colleges, the CBSE was had scrapped the Moderation policy which was to give grace marks to students for difficult questions. But after pressure from the high court the board decided to implement the change from next year. The start of Class 12 CBSE exams too had been delayed, from March 1 to March 9, due to assembly elections in five states.
The results are available on the official results portico of the board. This year the CBSE class 12 results were almost affected by the controversy of the board first deciding to remove the Marks Moderation Policy, and then Delhi High Court ordered the board that the board cannot change the rules last minute. MHRD which had been consulted by the board had said that the moderation policy should be implemented this year in CBSE class 12.

Students Welcome the Temporary Moderation Policy

Class 12 students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board have welcomed the board’s decision to continue with the moderation policy after the high court order. The moderation policy will enable the students to avail the option of choosing the college of their choice in the country for higher studies.
Students are happy with the CBSE decision of not approaching the Supreme Court to challenge the recent Delhi High Court verdict on moderation policy. Further delay would have led to more anxiety amongst students since they have been waiting to take admission in various colleges.  The cut-offs would have certainly gone down but also the percentages scored by the students. The students were in great panic and anxiety while the controversy was on right before the exam. CBSE students would have suffered further if the moderation policy had been discontinued at this juncture.

Demand for grace marks to be reflected openly

Grace marks are given in cases where a student narrowly misses the passing mark. On this there has been a question that should the grace marks to be reflected openly, but they will not be. A senior board official mentioned that Board would follow the policy as directed by the High Court as per the limits of the Moderation Policy, but the marks will not be mentioned as they had discussed on the contrary in April. However, a few states had at that time expressed apprehension over mark sheets reflecting grace marks, saying it could perceived as a stigma. Others, however, argued that would be unfair for those who passed without the extra marks.
Moderation to What Extent
However, people aware about developments said moderation was not more than four marks this year. “We have awarded three to four marks more,” said a source in the CBSE, an indication that the board has been stringent in awarding extra marks.

The number of students who scored between 95% and 100% increased this year while that in the 90%-95% bracket dropped. Around 10,091 candidates figured in the 95%-100% category this year against the 9,351 last year. This year, the number of students in the 90%-95% category was 53,156 while in 2016 there were 54,036 students, a drop of 880 candidates.
The increase of 740 students in the top bracket is due to moderation, say CBSE sources. “This is sign that we have carried out moderation as per the orders of the Delhi Court,” said the source adding that the capping for moderation was kept at 95%.
Convenience to students
Along with the traditional system the students were provided the following for convenience.

  • Due to CBSE will also provide class 12 digital mark sheets via Digilocker, and the Digilocker account details will be sent to students via SMS on their mobile number registered with CBSE.
  • The Class 12 CBSE results for 2017 are also be available via IVR. You can dial 011-24300699 (+9111-24300699 if you are outside India) or 011-28127030 (+9111-28127030 if you are outside India) and follow the instructions to get your Class 12 result.


CBSE Class XII 2017 Toppers

Raksha Gopal 498 Marks Amity Noida

Bhoomi Savant 497 Marks DAV Chandigarh

Aditya Jain 496 marks Bhavan Vidh laya sector 27 Chandigarh

Mannat Luthra 497 marks …………
For now, the topper celebrate their win, and the board takes to temporary moderation. All students of CBSE to now chase the admission front.


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