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CBSE Class 12 Results: Marks Totaling errors galore!

CBSE Class 12 Results

CBSE Class 12 Results: Students complaining, difference in totaling  

Soon after the Board results were declared Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) major differences have been reported in marks, with students complaining of totaling errors.

For instance, a Mumbai student Mohammaed Affan scored 80% and above in all his subjects, scored just 50 in maths. After verification, his marks were revised to 90, a report said. And in addition, the CBSE sources said while agreeing that there were mistakes in the process, said that the difference could be due to various reasons — mistakes in totaling of marks, incorrect transfer of marks to the title page (the front of the answer books) and detachment of supplementary answer books.

Last week, the Orissa High Court asked the CBSE to re-evaluate the answer sheets of at least 159 more students, who approached the court alleging discrepancies in their class XII results.

Whereas the Delhi High Court orally observed that the CBSE ought not to have done away with its re-evaluation policy; as it also make mistakes in evaluation of answer sheets.

This raises two important questions. First, what is wrong with the totaling process and how fair is it for the CBSE to do away with re-evaluation altogether?

CBSE’s decision to link the two processes – verification and obtaining photocopy of the evaluated answer sheet is anti-student. At present, only students who apply for verification can get a photocopy. According to parents all students should able to obtain a photocopy.


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