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CBSE Class 10th board exams mandatory from 2018

CBSE to make the class 10 board exams compulsory and include third language paper – See Video

CBSE will make the optional class 10th board exam mandatory again from 2018 and the students may also have to study an Indian language other than English and Hindi. CBSE has decided that the Board exams should be made compulsory for all students of Class X from the academic session 2017-18. The decision is yet to be approved by the government before it gets implemented.

According to the CBSE policy formed five years ago, it is optional for students to choose either the Board exams or a school-based examination. According to the sources, for class 10th board exam 80 percent weightage would be given to the Board exams and 20 percent to the school-based exams.

Earlier, the class 10 board exam in CBSE schools was scrapped by the Congress government and replaced with the grading system and continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) tests to reduce the pressure on students.  Mostly the students preferred the school based exams for class 10th finals as they perceive the school based exams easier than board exams for better results.

CBSE also decided to recommend the HRD ministry that the three language formula should be extended to class 9th and 10th under which English, Hindi and an Indian language are taught to the students. However, the students will be required to score simple pass marks in the third language.

CBSE added that it would recommend the Centre that the languages listed in schedule VIII of the Constitution should be taught under the ‘Three language formula’ while foreign languages should be taught as a “fourth language as an elective subject.”

The three language formula was first implemented in 1968 and was reiterated in the 1986 and 2005 under the education policy. However, despite a government directive, the rule is not followed by most of the CBSE schools.

The final decision on making the CBSE class 10th board exams mandatory is yet to the taken by the government.

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