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CBSE Class 10 – No more one term Syllabus

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CBSE to include whole year Syllabus for Class X Boards- End of One Term Syllabus

CBSE class 10 Board exams were announced on Saturday, June 3. This batch would be the last to go through one semester Syllabus exam. From the next year, the CBSE will move back to testing the entire school year’s syllabus in the board exams. The CBSE will do away with the system of CCE, Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation which was introduced in 2009-10.
As per the new system, the board exams will have weightage of 80 % to 20 % of assessment done in school. The basic emphasis of the CCE pattern was to reduce the emphasis on the board exams so as to focus on school based assessments including midterm tests, school projects and extracurricular activities.
School academicians are of the view that the education system should also be modified to prepare the students the upcoming system.  Internal Preliminary exams and mock exams of the full syllabus are certain suggestions given by the teaching experts that can be helpful for the students when they have to sit for the final Board exam.  
Many believe that the seriousness of the academics had been lost with the CCE system and now with this new system students would take academic more seriously. And the marking system will also tighten.
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