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CBSE board exams 2018 to begin in February

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CBSE Board Exams 2018 preponed my a month

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), as a part of the improvement in the error-free assessment of the answer scripts, has decided to advance the exams and related activities by a month from the session of 2018-2019.
Currently, the exams begin from 1st March and end around 20th April. But, from 2018, the X and XII exams will start in mid-February and get completed within a month, instead of dragging them over 45 days.
In a statement made by RK Chaturvedi, chairman of CBSE, he mentioned that this would also advance the date of the result declaration, which usually is in the third or fourth week of May. The board believes that declaring the results earlier will help the students in the undergraduate admissions. The decision was made after the errors in the evaluation were brought into the light.
Ø  Chaturvedi also said that experienced teachers are not available for evaluation due to the summer vacations in April.
Ø  The schools only offer the ad-hoc, temporary, and newly-appointed teacher and the older teachers checking papers refuse to work during vacations.
Ø  To avoid these inconveniences evaluation will begin in mid-March so that the best teachers are available to evaluate the answer sheets.
Ø  Every year, almost 50,000 are involved in 2,000 different centers for evaluation of the answer scripts; mostly Kendriya Vidyalaya.
Ø  CBSE is also planning to conduct two training sessions for teachers starting in December this year prior to evaluation.
On the other hand, Chaturvedi said that re-evaluating 10 questions has no point. Either all the questions must be re-checked or none. The matter is being discussed in court. He believes that if the board can ensure error-free evaluation in the first place, a re-evaluation would not be needed.
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