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CBSE asks for alternatives to its traditional homework policy

Good news for students of Classes VI to VIII in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) affiliated schools is on its way. The Board is in talks to come up with an alternative to the conventional homework mainly assigned to the students of the upper primary level.

As a part of its revolutionary move, the board has asked the affiliated schools to fill up an online questionnaire by September 15. Suggestions from the questionnaire will be given due emphasis in the final framing of the policy concerning homework.

The main purpose behind the CBSE’s move is to reduce some pressure from the students and hence minimize the number of hours they spend on their homework. Apparently, the board has sought opinions from all stake holders including principals, students, teachers as well as parents. The stakeholders are also requested to voice their opinion on exactly how many hours a student should spend on completing the assignments.

The respondents have also been offered three likely options – around 20 minutes, one hour or more than one hour.

The main mission of the board is to form a policy that does not bog down students with homework. According to a senior CBSE official, “the questionnaire will give us insights into homework and help us in coming up with a comprehensive policy”. He further pointed that the board is also looking out for a way to move beyond its question and answer format.

The official also added that although there are some schools that embark on an approach of giving creative, meaningful and interesting assignments to students, but a vast majority of them continue to assign monotonous activities.

“There are many schools still where homework is viewed as a burdensome activity by teachers and monotonous and time consuming by students and parents”, remarked the senior official.

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