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CBSE announces the release of material for open book exams

The Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) has moved one step closer to implementing the much talked about Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA), or more commonly referred to as open book exams. On Tuesday, the board made available all the text and pictorial content whereupon the said exam will be based on.

CBSE announces the release of material for open book exams. The OTBA is supposed to be conducted only for Std IX and XI as part of the final exams held in March. While for Std IX, the material for all main subjects (Hindi, English, Social Science, Science and Mathematics) were released, text material for Biology, Economics and Geography have been released for Std XI. The OTBA will remain restricted to only the said subjects this year.

According to reports, the board will be providing OTBA students with the text material an undisclosed number of months in advance. Unlike regular exams, students appearing in these exams will be allowed to refer to the provided text and pictorial content even during the exam-hours.

The CBSE states that the OTBA, in no way, will be adversely affecting or diluting the process of conducting regular exams.

“OTBA will have questions of Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) and some of which may be subjective, creative and open-ended,” Vineet Joshi, the chairman of the CBSE stated in a letter sent to schools a few months back, the Times of India reports.

Joshi also ensured that all textual material will be closely related to carefully chosen concepts extracted from the syllabi. The content provided to the students may be in various forms, including a case study, an article, a concept or mind map, a diagram, and so on.

Following the release of the content on Tuesday evening, Sadhna Parashar – academic director, CBSE, sent out a written statement to all affiliated schools urging that all concert teachers read and analyze it thoroughly. She added that the primary focus of the teachers should be to comprehend the primary objectives and outcomes of the OTBA.

“They (teachers) should assign this text material to their students in groups for further understanding, analysis and discussion. It is reiterated here that the main objective of introducing OTBA is to relieve the students from the burden of mugging up of content and provide opportunities in acquiring skills of information processing, comprehension, analysis and inference,” read the statement issued by Parashar.

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