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CBSE announces Handbook for PSA for class IX and XI

The Central Board of Secondary Education has announced a ‘Handbook for PSA’. This handbook will be dealing with the difficulties that the students of Class IX and XI have been facing in Problem Solving Assessment. So to combat the problem that these students have been facing, the Board has announced the handbook which will be sold at Rs. 100 apiece.

The handbooks for Class IX have already been made available through the coordinators of the respective cities and can also be found in the CBSE Regional Offices. Whereas the PSA handbooks for Class XI are only available at the Delhi CBSE Regional Office (Patpar Ganj- Delhi) and so can be ordered online.

You can contact the CBSE office for more information at +91-9871604442 or email them at admn3cbse@gmail.com

The Salient features of Problem Solving Assessment:

1 It is mandatory for all students of Class IX and Class XI to appear in Problem Solving Assessment (PSA).

2. There is no specific syllabus for `Problem Solving Assessment’. It will assess the Life Skills relating to following areas:-

  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • Qualitative Reasoning
  • Language Conventions

3. The Life Skills shall be assessed within the following domains:

• Quantitative: which includes the reasoning seen in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

• Qualitative: which includes the kinds of reasoning found in Mathematics and Science

• Language Conventions: This includes different aspects of written communication (e.g. grammar, vocabulary etc.)

4. There will be 60 items of Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) and carry 90 marks.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    hey where is the regional cbse office of delhi where one can find class IX PSA handbook ?

  2. Uday says:

    I want to know that where I can get PSA handbook 2014 in Dehradun.

  3. anonymous 2 says:

    how to order the handbook for psa online?

  4. deepali says:

    how to book it online

  5. anonymous says:

    Where can I find detailed solution of cbse caer psa book ????????

  6. Gayathri says:

    How to I want to know that where I can get CBSE PSA handbook 2014 in Hyderabad,

  7. bhuvana says:

    please can I get know the availability of hand book for PSA in Bangalore

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