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CBSE to accredit schools on quality standards

Good news for parents who want to send their child to school, but are uncertain about how to evaluate its quality. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will soon start accrediting schools based on quality standards.

CBSE to accredit schools on quality standards. In order to help city them prepare for the accreditation process, CBSE representative from Delhi are already on the move to train principals of city schools. The first training session was held on Saturday at Pragya Girls School.

The Board has already confirmed that accreditation of schools won’t involve ranking of institutes and is only intended to make sure that all schools meet prescribed qualitative standards that were pre-set by the accrediting agency, i.e. CBSE itself.

“The representatives told us about all the steps which will be included in the accreditation process and preparations that we need to do for it,” said Indore Sahodaya Cluster member Shyam Agarwal, DNA India reports.

The trainers shared three of the total seven main components of the accreditation process which including scholastic, co-scholastic and infrastructure. There are overall 60 domains on which schools will be assessed by the board and accredited accordingly. Every school will have to complete its accreditation process within next three years,” Bhavana Pujari, principal of Pragya High School said.

The Board will accredit schools based on a multitude of parameters. In the phase one, schools will require conducting a self study of their standard. This will be then followed by a peer review wherein a committee of peers from other schools and colleges will judge the overall standard of the school.

In the third step, a specialized agency will follow up the practices and assessment of the aforementioned two phases.

No comparison between different schools will be drawn at any given point, CBSE clarified.

The Parameters are as followed:

  • Success with regard to student achievement
  • Curricula
  • Faculty
  • Teaching, learning and transaction
  • Leadership & governance
  • Assessment and Evaluation Practices
  • Health & Safety l Innovation
  • Contribution to community

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One Response to “CBSE to accredit schools on quality standards”

  1. Sanjay Kulkarni says:

    CBSE should first put it’s own house in order. The quality of teachers is horrible. They do NOT know how to teach CSBE syllabus. Provision of infrstructure in schools for practicals etc is worst! Students are not guided on HOW TO STUDY at all. My kids go to the largest CBSE school in India (Belgaum Cantonment KV2) and I am seriously thinking of putting them in some other school. CBSE teachers have no accountability. They are more interested in payment, internal politics especially caste based one etc…CBSE is the worst thing to happen to education in India. It is destroying the next generation and shold be thrown out of the window… I have no words to describe how bad it is…