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CAT 2014 brings 500 additional IIM seats for its MBA Aspirants

Over 500 additional IIM seats are likely to be made available for CAT -2014 candidates as the exam conducting body IIM Indore prepares to add six new proposed Indian Institute of Management to the bandwagon in 2015.

IIM-Ranchi, IIM-Raipur and IIM-Rohtak admitted as many as 120 students in their maiden batches in 2010. The trend was followed by IIM-Trichy and IIM-Udaipur as they admitted 100 management aspirants in their maiden batches. Starting from 2015, a minimum of 500 additional students will be allotted seats in the six new IIMs.

The total number of seats in CAT-2013 stood at 3265. The exact number of additional seats for the 2015-17 academic season in the new IIMs will be announced shortly after CAT results. After the new institutes enter the scene, students from Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar and Punjab will get a chance to study in their respective home states.

“You may select any number of names under programme section. Then, select the City for interview in respective drop-down list. Interested candidates may also choose Post Graduate Programmes (PGP) in these new locations and under the section, Apply to Proposed Six New IIMs,” reads the registration guide CAT-2014.

“In accordance with Government of India’s directive, admission to academic session of six new IIMs is scheduled to commence from 2015. Those who wish to apply for PGP course can choose in programme section during registration,” said Akhtar Parvez, Pubic relations officer, IIM-Indore.

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