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We are born good or bad at maths

London, Aug 11  Many people wonder after all why they fair poor when it comes to mathematics. Is it because they were probably born that way?. A new study has found such a belief to be true.

The findings made by a team of psychologists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, US, after testing 200 four-year-olds, Daily Express reported.

The study found the ability to work with numbers may be pre-destined – you either have it or you don’t.
The study, led by Melissa Libertus, focused on children too young to have had maths lessons.

Libertus said: “The link between ‘number sense’ and maths ability is present before the beginning of formal math instruction.”

The research is published in the Developmental Science journal.

Researchers also say numerical talent does not appear to be linked to all-round intelligence.

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