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Board Marks dominates JEE for admissions in NITs

jee advancedTwo panels appointed by the Union Human Resource Development Ministry and JEE Apex Board have forwarded various arguments to recommend that the NITs should scrap the 40 percent weight age of the board. 31 National Institutes of technology (NITs) are in favour of dropping the weightage of board and admit the students on the basis of merit in JEE advanced. The government is yet to take a final decision on the issue.

Here are the findings of the panels:

  1. Some candidates with poor JEE advanced scores, but good board percentile have received higher ranks in the merit list as compared to the candidates having higher JEE score and poor board percentiles.
  2. According to the calculations, it has been found that just a one percent difference in candidates’ board marks can sometimes separate them by 2,000 ranks on the merit list while a 10 percent difference in JEE Main marks can have much less impact.
  3. The students used to take private coaching for JEE examination. However, the coaching institutes are now offering integrated coaching for school education and the JEE Main examination.
  4. The objective behind the weightage of board marks was to encourage the students to pay more attention to their board exams which, however, was misplaced as a small portion of students took the JEE exam.
  5. Another objective behind the weightage of board was to increase the count of admission of rural and girl students’ to the NITs. The panels found that such admissions have increased from 27.67 percent in 2012 to 30.20 in 2015.
  6. The process of admission to NITS was held due to the delays in the publication of result by 30 odd school boards.
  7. The panels also highlighted the problem in allotment of ranks to the students who have applied for the re-evaluation of their board marks. As they wait for their re-evaluation results they are assigned the fractional ranks. The panel highlighted that under this system, the lower ranks do not reflect a candidate’s real position.

This suggests that marks scored in board exams – which do not generally test their problem-solving abilities – can sometimes influence the merit list more than the candidates scores in the JEE Main, which does test these abilities. The panels said that the present system was hurting many deserving candidates.

In the meeting of the NIT Council held on October 1, 2015, some members pointed out that the board weightage had helped more girls and rural students secure admission. However, the impact of the board weightage will be studied once again by another committee which will be set up soon.

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