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Board exam results round the Corner. Relax Guys – Don’t get stressed !

The day the Board exam results are announced there are prayers, fingers crossed, nervous faces, eyes that haven’t slept all night, mothers visiting the temple early morning, some gloomy faces and some blank expressions….

Exam Stress - Don't Panic

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Waiting tirelessly and many tired already!  Some could go to extent of accident and suicide if the result is not their favour !

Board Exam Results coming

Dear students,

Here are some easy tips to await the result in a more chilled fashion after all that is meant to be will be,

Don’t forget the answer sheet has already gone to the examiner.

Now no fretting

Must spend one physical workout class in a day (calms your system)

Humour yourself with your friends and family instead of sitting alone and wondering!

No matter how good or bad you are in studies no chance is the last chance for a future

Play your favorite games on the computer now, once the result is out you will be planning what next.

Look around, go for long walks, and watch movies.

Stress does not change anything, with you taking anxiety here is not going change the marking of the examiner.

The hard work and the worry are to be done before the exam, not after it.

Do not extend your anxiety and worry to your loved ones and parents to such an extent panic, accident or extreme negativities will spoil your lives; Positivity, hope, and self-grounding are the keys to winning the race in the long run!

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