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Bid farewell to pen and paper based PGMET – NTRUHS

New reports reveal that the Post Graduate Medical Entrance Test ( PGMET 2015 ) will soon turn into an online-only entrance exam.

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Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences (NTRUHS), the institutions that administers the exam is currently busy making the final preparations to launch the maiden version of online PGMET in February, 2015.

While turning PGMET into an online-only exam will serve students and the administrators alike on several key fonts, to implement such massive changes without any major hiccups is likely to be met with various daunting challenges.

Almost 20,000 medical aspirants across the state appear in PGMET every year.

Meanwhile, the university officials are optimistic that the migration will take place as smooth as realistically possible. They also claim that by making it an online entrance test, they will be practically mitigating the room for any sort of irregularity or corruption in the future.

In order to avoid malpractice, all questions and answers will be jumbled using a software in such a manner that not even the university authorities will be able to manipulate the exam results, let alone students.

Each candidate will be given their unique log-in credentials (user id and password). All passwords will be jumbled so as to ensure that there’s no room for copying or duplication.

The university officials are currently examining other aspects of the online exam under the –Chancellor T. Ravi Raju and Director of Medical Education.

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