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Assessment tests to curb misuse of concessions says CBSE

The CBSE regional office in Thiruvananthapuram has asked a few schools in the region of Kochi to go for assessment tests in government hospitals. The main motive behind the move is to avoid misuse of concessions specifically meant for students with learning disabilities, studying in classes IX to XII.

Earlier, it has been found that there were some schools that have sent medical certificates of about 20 to 25 students of class XII to the CBSE regional office for the required concessions. But a CBSE official quoted that it is really hard to believe that almost 25 per cent of the students have learning disability.

The government has named three CBSE schools in the state to go for certification, approved by the government doctors.

Mahesh D Dharmadhikari, CBSE regional officer, Thiruvananthapuram, said that the board wants to ensure that systems and processes are being adequately followed. Although no circular is being issued, but it was found that some schools were not adhering to the rules.

In the year 2010, the CBSE examination committee said that only disability certificates issued by the government hospitals, recognized institutes of national level and practitioners registered with the Rehabilitation of India, central or state government will be considered for granting concessions to the physically disabled. This move was mainly adopted to ensure that the certificates issued by private hospitals were not accepted.

Neena Vishwanathan, the education officer of Bhavans schools confirmed that the provision has benefitted many genuine children. The learning disability of a student is identified at a very young stage and subsequently due approved is sought by the schools from the concerned bodies.

In the year 2008, schools affiliated to the CBSE were requested to ensure that no student with special needs is denied admission. Some of the facilities given by the concessions include additional time for examination, use of amanuensis by blind, physically handicapped and dyslexic students.

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