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Another MBBS scam hits Madhya Pradesh

Seems like the Madhya Pradesh educational system is going to be haunted by another MBBS scam and worse still, this time it goes beyond fraudulent admissions through Pre Medical Test (PMT). The latest scam to hit the education department of the state involves university brass, who took kickbacks to help students qualify for their exams and get their MBBS degree.

The arrest of Dr. Deepak Yadav, the main accused in the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board (MPPEB) scam, has brought many factors into the limelight regarding the revaluation racket. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) Of Gwalior has exposed the scam allegedly involving senior officials of all four major universities – Jiwaji University (Gwalior), DAVV (Indore), Barkatullah University (Bhopal) and Rani Durgawati University (Jabalpur).

“After gaining illegal entry to medical colleges, ineligible candidates clear their session exams through revaluations or writing answer sheets in collusion with university officials”, Dr. Yadav told Gwalior SIT. In this new scam, the scammers exploited the standard practice of sending MBBS answer sheets for checking at universities. Students reportedly pay INR 50,000 to INR 1 lakh in their academic sessions.

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The SIT of Gwalior arrested Yadav on July 17 for his alleged role in rigging medical entrance examinations since 2006. His name was finally revealed after interrogating students who paid bribes for admissions. Yadav has mentioned the name of deputy registrar of Jiwaji University, who would leak codes of the answer sheets and the professors used to add numbers in the codes.

Interestingly, the university racket operated in all the four major cities with medical colleges, helping the weak students to clear their PMT through fraudulent means. According to sources, 20 additional marks were awarded to a female MBBS students of the Gajra Raja Medical College (GRMC) in the practical paper (pediatrics) in the summer examination of 2013.The increase in marks helped her to pass her examination and finally acquire her MBBS degree.

Sources have also reported that any student who wishes to go for revaluation can do so by simply filling a form prescribed by the university. Subsequently, the university authorities will deliver the ‘corrected’ result within a week of the submission of the application. But in normal cases, the authorities take more than a month to work out the process of revaluation.

An RTI filed at DAVV University Indore has revealed that almost 1500 candidates have passed their MBBS exams through revaluation since 2006.

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