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Andhra Pradesh likely to do away with EAMCET

Andhra Pradesh might soon be doing away with EAMCET, their age old admission process for engineering in the state and go the way their contemporary state Tamil Nadu has.

Ganta Srinivasa Rao, Minister, HRD made the intentions public on Friday and stated that the state will soon send a team of officers to Tamil Nadu to look in detail at the admission process over there which will in turn assist them in setting up a similar system.

The admission process in Tamil Nadu is one which is based on the marks attained in the intermediate and not on com competitive exams such as EAMCET. Rao shared that although the present system of admissions in the State laid emphasis on the weightage to be given to the marks obtained in intermediate, the admissions were chiefly based on ranking in EAMCET; reported The Hindu.

As the process is still under discussion and no final decisions have been made, there is no saying as to when the idea will be implemented.

Rao also blamed the Telangana government of taking damaging decision for its students. “It might not be inappropriate for us (Andhra Pradesh) to make our own arrangements for securing the interest of our students, notwithstanding the provision of having the admission process and the education sector as such common for the two states (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana),” excerpted the Minister.

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