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Admissions to IITs now as per Supreme Court’s ruling

iit2Admissions to IITs now as per Supreme Court’s ruling

As per the recent statement by Apex Court, student admission under the current rankings by CBSE is not final till the time the apex court announces its final verdict.

This decision has been taken after some students appealed to the court asking for the stay in JEE admissions.  The petitioners argued that the process was false and could spoil the career of many students.

The JEE Main Exam was conducted in April and it is the common entrance test for admission to all the 30 National Institutes of Technology (NITs), half-a-dozen Indian Institutes of Information Technology and other top technology schools, except the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).


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9 Responses to “Admissions to IITs now as per Supreme Court’s ruling”

  1. Pawan Kumar Goel says:

    It should be set aside in the natural course of justice otherwise many would lose faith on the education system in our country.

  2. rama says:

    IIT’s are meant for parting high quality education by admitting students after rigorous screening.

    What happened to this by neutralising the marks of 60% with 91% obtained in 12th standard.

    Are the IIT’s compromising in the intake of inferior quality students and by leaving really intelligent students. In my opinion only entrance test will be sufficient to select the bright students for admission by leaving the normalisation of 12th standard marks.


    rama :

    The marks of 12th is variable as per liberalization in examination center, evaluation center, valuer’s discrepancy, school assessments & political will. It may easily seen in variation of mark percentage by year to year, board to board, center to center, state to state, subject to subject. If it will be merged with marks obtained in competitive examination, it will throw out talented student.

  4. sp says:

    The normalization procedure adopted by the CBSE this year was totally uncalled for. The Students of different State Education Boards are taken care of by Home State Quota, which is 50% of total seat available in an NIT. The faulty procedure adopted by CBSE is bound to spoil the future of large number of meritorious students.

  5. navin thapa says:

    its true due to this normalisation procedure i have been in trouble…. they said they will do 60-40 bt the procedure is totally different i was expecting for nit but due to this procedure till now i have not got any college…..

  6. Uday says:

    I have get 313 rank in jeemain paper 2nd
    please say to me this rank is good or bad

  7. Bhavanarayana says:

    JEE ADVAnced: Why 20 percentile kept? it is to minimize the candidates from a state, indirectly restricting particular state/states. Making it as a regional quota exam. Taking languages in total is another flaw. The valuation, number of candidates appearance, will differ from board to board. Hence fight against 20 percentile in Jee adv.

  8. Bhavanarayana says:

    Who said jee main is 60-40% format, it is 0-400% format. It has many flaws.1 taking languages in to the total 2.taking the performance of Candidate in 12 th class and its comparison with other candidates of his board and other boards 3.Again keeping slabs in percentilazation. Hence CBSE declared its ranks on lottery basis on 1 st July 2013.