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Admissions of 41 dental students in Tamil Nadu declared invalid

The Tamil Nadu state government has declared the admissions of 41 dental students as invalid. The shocking news came nearly a year after they had joined various self financing medical colleges of the state. The university denied registering their names after it was revealed that the Master of Dental Surgery (MDS) students did not appear or clear the necessary common entrance test.

According to the officials of the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR medical university, the governing council took the decision earlier this year and it was conveyed to the concerned colleges in April. “We have informed the private colleges about the decision. These students will not be able to appear for the final examination in 2016”, told an official. He further added that the university was not sure whether the students have been informed yet.

The admissions to the PG colleges in the self financing colleges in Tamil Nadu are purely based on a common entrance test. A consortium of such colleges conducts the examination and in 2013, there were reportedly six colleges in the consortium. As per notifications from the Dental Council of India, the apex body monitoring such education in the country, entrance test is mandatory to admit students in the PG courses. The general category students have to score at least 50 percent marks and similarly a score of 40 per cent is necessary for SC/ST students to be eligible for admissions.

The university found that nearly 10 students who were enrolled to these colleges had not taken the examination. Also, 31 students had scored below 50 percent. Interestingly, the lowest mark scored by a student who got admission was six (out of 100). Although activists are demanding strict actions against these colleges, but university officials said that there were no records to prove the collection of capitation fees.

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