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Admission to Law Colleges in Maharashtra through CET from 2016

Maharashtra Law Colleges to have Centralized Admission Starting Next Year

As per a new order, admissions to three and five year law degree programs offered by all government and non-government law colleges in Maharashtra will be conducted through a centralized process starting next year.

For admission, aspiring candidates will probably require qualifying a common entrance test (CET) from the 2016-17 academic session.

Earlier in June, the government had decided to accord professional status to law studies in the same line as engineering and medical education. According to reports, the department of higher education is currently framing the rules and regulations for the new admission process.

Till only recently, all law programs were categorized as parts of liberal science education along the lines of science, arts, and commerce. “The decision to grant professional status means the law studies will now have all the dimensions, including a higher fees structure, that are associated with professional courses like engineering and medical,” said representatives of law colleges in the city.

To expedite the implementation of the proposed move, the department of higher education has already started gathering data from all government-run, government-aided, and unaided law colleges. The data which includes vital info related to grant-in-aid and non-grant-aid programs and associated teaching staff will be utilized for fetching important information to aspiring law students about the number of seats in all colleges during the coming academic session.

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