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Admission to IITs restricted for students born abroad

With the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) for admission to India’s premier engineering institutes split in 2014, admission to India’s elite Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT’s) have all been denied to interested foreign born candidates; their only fault being that they were born to parents who were outside India, many of who have since returned to India.

In some of the instances, the candidates in question have even done their whole schooling in India.

In 2014, the AIEEE, the entrance test for admission to NIT’s and other Government Institutions was replaced by JEE (Mains).  This also serves as a screening test for the JEE (Advanced), which in turn serves as the gateway to India’s elite IIT’s. However, earlier restrictions placed on AIEEE, which barred non Indian citizens from taking the test have not been discontinued, effectively barring foreign born Indians from taking the JEE (Mains).

“We came to India four years ago mainly because we wanted Smriti to prepare well and join an IIT. She has been putting in a lot of effort. But, it looks like all the money and effort are a waste,” said the mother of an affected student, as reported by the Times of India.

“We want her to be given the chance to take the exam, regardless of whether she gets a seat or not,” she added.

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Experts argue that the premise of the JEE-ban on foreign-born candidates is illogical considering that no such ban existed in the earlier versions of the examination. To many, it’s just an administrative blunder committed by those responsible for overseeing the smooth conducting of the exam.

It is worth mentioning here that the affected students can still get through IIITs and NITs through DASA. However, IITs are totally inaccessible to them since the JEE (Advanced) is the only gateway.

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