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ACT changes assessment of students college admission scores

The ACT test, beginning from next year will introduce changes in the manner it assesses student college admission test scores by introducing additional areas of testing such as job readiness and student’s skill in STEM, or science, technology, engineering and math.

The ACT test, which in the last year saw more students opting for it than the traditional SAT is run by a non-profit assessment company and is renowned for its 36-point scale which is crucial in the college-admissions process. However there is to be no change in the current format of the test with the exception of the voluntary writing test which is to become more analytical and would require students to understand different outlooks.

The move was in response to the reform of the SAT by the College Board and reflects the need to prepare the future graduates for roles perceived to be more suited for the demands of the economy in the future.

Jon Erickson, the president of Act in his statement stated that the ultimate goal for the test was to personalize the test scores so that the information gleaned from the test would be uniquely tailored according to each participating student’s situation and aptitude.

The revamped ACT test will maintain its 1-36 score and the additional grades would be employed as supplementary information. The English language score would merge both English writing and reading with a “text complexity progress” indicator which will give students an idea whether their reading and comprehension ability is suited to what is required in college and work, whereas the STEM score will gauge the student’s ability in science and maths. There is also to be a “career-readiness indicator” which intends to highlight areas and skill sets in which the students needs to improve to meet the demands of employers.

The current costs of the ACT test, which stands at $ 52.50, would not be affected by the addition of the new scores.

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