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The 60:40 weightage confusing JEE Main 2014 applicants

The JEE Main 2014, scheduled to be held on April 6 (offline) as well as on April 9, 11, 12, and 19 (online), is with its 60:40 weightage confusing JEE Main 2014 applicants parents alike because of the complicated nature of its mark distribution scheme.

The merit list for JEE Main 2014 is prepared based on candidates’ performance in both Class XII Board exams as well as in JEE itself. While the candidate’s score in JEE Main adds 60 per cent weightage, that from his Class XII Boards would amount to 40 per cent weightage.

CBSE has already made it clear that the weightage for school board or any equivalent examination scores will be taken into account only after normalizations. This essentially means that there must be a reliable method for comparing the marking schemes of different boards.

The detailed procedures that will be used by the CBSE for normalization of qualifying examination marks is as follows:

  • Aggregate marks (A0) obtained by each student in JEE-Main should be noted.
  • The percentile (P) of each student should be computed based on the aggregate marks obtained in his or her Board exam (B0) from the list of five subjects mentioned at the bottom of the page.
  • Find out the JEE Main aggregate corresponding to the percentile (P) at pan India level. This should be regarded as B1.
  • Now, determine the aggregate JEE Main marks corresponding to percentile (P) amongst the set of aggregate scores obtained in the exam by the students of that particular board. This should be regarded as B2.

The normalized board score can be computed as:

Bfinal = 0.5 x (B1 + B2)

Students’ position in the merit list can be computed as:

C = 0.6 * AO + 0.4 * Bfinal

The five subjects used for normalization, include:

1. Physics
2. Mathematics
3. Any one of the subjects Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology and Technical Vocational subject
4. One language
5. Any subject other than the above four subjects.

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One Response to “The 60:40 weightage confusing JEE Main 2014 applicants”

  1. AK Bansal says:

    Dear All
    This is really ridiculous to consider board marks. Board marks evaluated shows a students cramming power and not the intellectual power. Because board exams are set for considering the low IQ students also.
    After getting passed into board exam, the student must be free to get admission any where based on his performance.
    This method of including board marks implicate that a student who scored less marks in board is a useless fellow even when he is scoring good in competition. This should be stopped immediately and must not be practised this time also.

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