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50% engineering seats remain vacant in Madhya Pradesh

engineering2Almost half the total capacity of engineering colleges in Madhya Pradesh lay unoccupied in the 2016-17 academic session, mostly because of the renewed measures to induce greater transparency in the admission process, say state government officials.

Madhya Pradesh engineering colleges witnessed 50% seats vacant

The state currently has 78,480 engineering seats out of which almost 50 per cent have no takers. The admission process was over earlier this month on August 15. Worth noting, 48 per cent engineering seats remained vacant in the 2015-16 academic session too. As per the officials, the number of student application in the engineering colleges have dipped in the past five years. About 25,000 engineering seats have decreased due to more number of vacant seats but with decrease in seats, the percentage of vacant seats also increased. Of the 39,532 seats that got filled this academic session, the official added, 13 per cent were filled during the last two days in the college-level counselling that resumed only after a request by the Association of Technical and Professional Institute.

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