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30 lakh jobs in Telecom Sector by 2018 – Assocham KPMG

India Telecom sector can create 30 lakh jobs next year  


Jobs in Telecom Sector: A study conducted by Assocham-KPMG has found out that India’s ‘ailing’ or under the weather telecom sector will generate as many as 30 lakh new jobs by 2018 on the back of deeper penetration of smartphones and arrival of new organizations in the telecom sector.

The emergence of digital wallet along with the attractive data packs provided by the network companies has created more room for jobs in the telecom sector, reports Deccan Chronicle

According to the study, by 2021, about 8, 70,000 jobs will be created in the sector. Evolution of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the emergence of technologies such as M2M and 5G is the prime reason for creating such employment avenues.

Currently, the telecom sector of the country is under a debt of about Rs. 4.6 lakh crore. According to the telecom companies, this huge debt is because of the cheap services offered by a new entrant to the telecom industry.

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Jobs in Telecom Sector

The major players in the industry are Bharti Airtel, Idea Cellular, and Vodafone.

All the three companies have filed a number of petitions blaming the Reliance Jio for the chaos created due to the downfall of the revenues. However, Reliance Jio has denied all such claims and blamed these telecom companies for the loss of revenue due to a failed business model.The Inter-Ministerial Group started talking with telecom companies and the banks in June to find a way out of this distress.

In the report, it was mentioned that the percentage of telecom subscribers in the country has grown by 0.5 per cent making it to about 121 crore customers. The majority of this number is the mobile subscribers. In the end of June, about 60 lakh new customers were added to this number.



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