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1.5 Crore pay package offered to IIT Kharagpur student

New reports have revealed that an IIT Kharagpur student was offered a  pay package of INR 1.5 crore during this year’s campus placement.

This happens to be one of the fattest annual pay package ever offered to an IITian in campus interview. According to IIT Kharagpur administration, the highest domestic salary offered was INR 54 lakh while the highest offer from an overseas company stood at INR 1.54 crore .

The administration, however, refused to disclose the details of the student or the company offering the package citing that it would result in “unnecessary attention to the student”.

The highest number of offers made by a single company was 24 (by EXL Service LTC, a niche analytics consulting company). EXL Service was followed by multinational giants like Visa, Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Credit Suisse, and Microsoft IDC etc.

The overwhelming majority of the offers came from IT, analytics and finance. A lot of the first time visitors such as, Visa, Auctus Advisors, BMGI, TSMC, Pathenon and Baker Hughes, started their maiden attempt at recruiting young talent from the instate on a high note by making multiple offers.

Experts believe that the overall positive response from the visiting companies will boost the confidence of the graduating students. Professor Sudhirkumar Barai, Chairperson of Career Development Center, IIT Kharagpur, has stated that starting this year, the institute is focused on developing the skills and confidence of all graduating students by  workshops, case study contests, alumni mentorship session, assessment tests and soft skill training.

“The preparation has shown an impressive success in terms of day one placement this year at IIT Kharagpur. Further, there has been renewed realisation in Indian industry for highly qualified engineering professionals in Quality Engineering, Product Design and Manufacturing. IIT Kharagpur has been quick to identify this need and accordingly have initiated a programme in this field,” Barai said.

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