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Currentaffairs > Current Affairs & GK Question Answers > Latest GK and Current Affairs February 2017 MCQs 25 Questions – Video and Download pdf

Latest GK and Current Affairs February 2017 MCQs 25 Questions – Video and Download pdf




The Multiple Choice Questions for February 2017 (part 1) gives latest questions as asked in the various Competitive Examinations.  Each information is further enhanced with important information about the topic in question in order to give complete information


Some Current Affairs FEB 2017 Questions include:


Q1.  Name the rubber – like material developed by scientists?

Q2.  Name the movie which has won the maximum awards at the 70TH BAFTA awards?

Q3.  Name the singe to have won 5 awards at the 59th Grammy awards 2017?

Q4.  What is the theme of the World Radio day 2017?

Q5.  How has INS Sarvekshak become India’s first ‘Green ship’?

Q6.  What is ‘AMAN’?

Q7.  Name the newly appointed chairman of SEBI?

Q8.  What is India’s ranking in the 2017 IIPI?

Q9.  Name the venue of launch of World’s first Braille Atlas for visually impaired?

Q10. The ISRO has developed which new equipment under ‘Make in India’ scheme?

Q11. Name the new product from Kerala to get the Geographical Indication tag?

Q12. Name the newly developed power source for batteries by scientists at MIT?

Q13. Name the winner of the women’s singles title at the 81st National Badminton championship?

Q14. Name the new technology that can transmit data 10 times faster than 5G?

Q15. What does BIMSTEC stand for?


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