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Currentaffairs > Current Affairs & GK Question Answers > Latest Current Affairs December 2017 (MCQ Question Answers) Explained (download pdf)

Latest Current Affairs December 2017 (MCQ Question Answers) Explained (download pdf)


current affairs december 2017


Current Affairs December 2017 Video – 35 Mcqs Detail Explaination in Hindi


Latest GK 2017 and Latest Current Affairs December 2017 (MCQ Question Answers) explained in Hindi for Entrance Exams. MCQs on Current Affairs DCE 2017 35 Questions on sports GK, International AFFAIRS, LAW AND ORDER, Science and Technology, Space, Awards and Honours, Books and Authors ( Free PDF Link at the end of the post)


See Latest GK December 2017 and Current Affairs Video 



DECEMBER 2017 Part 1 (1 – 15 December)

The video consists of 35 MCQs based on the current affairs for 1st to 15th December 2017. The questions are followed by a discussion of the topic to provide complete information on various topics like science and technology, Awards, innovation, politics, themes, important days, sports and entertainment. Questions have been compiled and presented by Ruchika Gupta. The questions covered are as follows –

Q1. What is India’s rank in Mobile internet rankings (Speedtest Global Index – SGI) issued by Ookla?

Q2. The Hambantota port in Sri Lanka has been handed over to which country for a 99 – year lease?

Q3. Name the scheme launched by Bihar government to ensure women’s safety?

Q4. What does Indian Navy’s newly commissioned submarine’s name – ‘INS Kalvari’ mean?

Q5. What was the theme of the 7th International Ground Water Conference held at New Delhi?

Q6. Name the World’s biggest Automated Container Terminal?

Q7. What was the theme of the ASEAN – India Connectivity Summit held at New Delhi?

Q8. Which three countries are involved in the meeting of RIC Foreign Ministers?

Q9. Name the winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace prize?

Q10. What is the theme of the World Human Rights day 2017?

Q11. India hosted the celebrations of ‘Bodhi Parva’ to commemorate the 20th anniversary of __________?

Q12. Where has India launched its first mobile food testing lab?

Q13. Name the recipient of the Vyas Samman 2017 award?

Q14. When is the International Anti – Corruption day celebrated?

Q15. Name India’s first energy-efficient ‘A1 Category’ railway station in India?

Q16. India will be the ____ participating state in the Wassenaar Arrangement?

Q17. India’s _____ mela has been added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural heritage?

Q18. Name the venue of SAICON 2017?

Q19. When is the International Civil Aviation day celebrated?

Q20. When is Indian Armed Force Flag day celebrated?

Q21. Name the venue of the International Conference on Climate change?

Q22. What is the theme of World Soil day 2017?

Q23. Name the chairman of PNGRB?

Q24. Name the venue of the 6th International Tourism Mart 2017?

Q25. EKUVERIN 2017 was the ___ edition of the Indo – Maldives Military exercise?

Q26. Which state in India has passed the Dand Vidhi Vidheyak, 2017 that will see rapists of girls 12 years or below being hanged till death?

Q27. When is the Indian Navy day celebrated each year?

Q28. What is the theme of the International day for persons with disabilities 2017?

Q29. Who inaugurated the 18th edition of the Hornbill festival?

Q30. ‘Ajeya Warrior’ is a combined military exercise between India and which other country?

Q31. When is World AIDS day celebrated each year?

Q32. When is the Raising day of BSF observed each year?

Q33. What was India’s ‘Core Sector growth’ in October 2017?

Q34. “Kathakar: International Storytellers Festival” is a part of which initiative of the UNESCO?

Q35. Name the Indian female weightlifter who has won gold medal at the World Weightlifting Championship held at USA?


Download Latest GK 2017 and Current Affairs MCQs with Answers PDF


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