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July 2017 GK MCQs Current Affairs Video Lesson


Latest GK July 2017 and Current Affairs in Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) format


Check out the latest GK July 2017 and Current Affairs in Multiple Choice Question format for the month of July 2017. The question is followed by the correct answer and added detail regarding the news which makes the video a comprehensive package. It covers all the major aspects of the Current Affair which is important for the competitive examination. The questions are based on various topics namely – politics, Government policies, Sports, entertainment, awards, honors, science, and technology.


GK July 2017 MCQs Current Affairs Video Lesson


Some MCQ Question Answers in this video include
Q1.  Name the Indian woman cricketer who is the first to score 6000 runs in women’s ODI cricket?
Q2.  NGT has imposed a nation – wide ban on use of which of these?
Q3. India’s first Solar powered DEMU train will run on which route?
Q4.  What is India’s ranking in the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) index 2017?
Q5.  ‘No Development zone’ is spread around a distance of ____ from the banks of rive Ganga by the NGT?
Q6.  Name the newly – appointed coach of the Indian cricket team as appointed by the BCCI?
Q7.  What is the theme of World Population day 2017?
Q8.  Name India’s first World Heritage city?
Q9.  Name the Trilateral Naval exercise between India, US and Japan?
Q10.  Which of these is not one of the 4 digital initiatives of the GOI for e-education?
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