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Current Affairs part 1 for October 2016


The Current Affairs part 1 for October 2016 is in Multiple choice question format. This gives a practical experience of the Competitive Examination and will make the candidate well prepared to face the challenging Exams. The questions cover major segments i.e. awards, honours, science and technology, education, sports, environment, politics, space research and many more. All questions are supplemented with additional relevant information about the Current Affairs, hence, a comprehensive package is presented to enhance knowledge and information of the seeker.


Check out the video for complete lesson (about 40 questions)

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The following questions have been answered and details given regarding the correct answer:

Q1. When is the International day for rural women celebrated?

Q2. Which agency has been roped in by the Union government to distribute pulses?

Q3. India has decided to eliminate the use of which green house gas by 2030?

Q4. What is the rank of India in the Global Hunger Index 2016?

Q5. Name the winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Q6. Name the newly – elected Secretary General of the UN.

Q7. Researchers have used which bio waste electrode as cathode in solar cells?

Q8. Which day is celebrated on October 13th?

Q9. When will the first World Tsunami awareness day be celebrated?

Q10. Name the country with which India has initiated a bilateral maritime exercise.

Q11. How many new districts have been created in Telangana state?

Q12. Which Indian shooter has won Champion of Champions pistol award of ISSF?

Q13. Name the newly elected Prime Minister of Morocco.

Q14. Name India’s high – altitude station opened in the Himalayas.

Q15. Name the venue of the 4th BRICS science, technology and innovation meet.

Q16. When is the International day of girl child celebrated?

Q17. Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmstrom are winners of Nobel prize in which category?

Q18. Name the Indian law which has been amended making it gender neutral.

Q19. What is the theme for the World Mental Health day 2016?

Q20. Where is India’s first International Arbitration Centre set up?

Q21. Name the government agency which has tied up with Facebook to reach out to the citizens.

Q22. Who has been awarded the Nobel Peace prize 2016?

Q23. Name the Manipuri theatre legend who passed away recently.

Q24. Who has been honoured with the Sustainable development leadership award?

Q25. Who out of these has not won the Nobel prize in Chemistry?

Q26. Which communication satellite has been recently launched by India?

Q27. Who is the newly appointed Chairman of CBDT?

Q28. Who is the first Indian to be inducted in the IAF Hall of Fame?

Q29. Who out of these is not a recipient of Nobel prize in Physics 2016?

Q30. Name the Indian who has won the prestigious 2016 John F. Richards Prize.

Q31. Who became the Chairman of Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India ?

Q32. Who has been awarded the Nobel prize in Medicine 2016?

Q33. Name the Indian who has been appointed Knight in the National Order of Merit by the French government.

Q34. Name the first female President of Estonia.

Q35. Name the winner of the 2016 Google science fair prize.

Q36. When is the World Habitat day celebrated?

Q37. Who will be the Chief Guest at India’s Republic day celebration in 2017?

Q38. Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday is celebrated internationally as which day?

Q39. When is the International Translation day celebrated?

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