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Current Affairs January 2017 MCQs with Answers Part 1

The Current Affiars January 2017 MCQs video combines important and latest information from various fields – Awards, Science and Technology, Politics, Business Mergers, Entertainment, Education, Economy, Sports to name a few. The Multiple Choice Questions for January 2017 (part 1) gives latest questions as asked in the various Competitive Examinations.  Each information is further enhanced with important information about the topic in question in order to give complete information

January 2017  Questions Answered in this video

Q1. Name the two states which will benefit from the Ken – Betwa river linking project?

Q2. Name the enactment whose review has been sought by the NITI Aayog?

Q3. Name the species of turtles which has faced mass deaths at the Hope Island?

Q4. Name the newly launched second Scorpene class submarine by Indian Navy?

Q5. Name the pesticide which has been declared ‘highly toxic’ by the Supreme court of India?

Q6. Name the personality whose Birth Anniversary is celebrated as National Youth day?

Q7. Name the organization which has successfully test fired the Guided ‘Pinaka’ rocket?

Q8. Where has Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated India’s first international exchange India INX ?

Q9. Who out of them is not an Indian American scientist selected for US Presidential award?

Q10. Which of these is not a part of China’s successfully launched first commercial space mission ?

Q11. Name the venue of India’s first Nobel Prize Series Exhibition ?

Q12. When is World Hindi day celebrated each year?

Q13. Which film has won 7 awards at the 74th Golden Globe awards?

Q 14. Name the venue of the 20th edition of the National Conference for e – governance?

Q 15. What is the expected growth rate of India’s GDP for 2016 – 17?

Q16. Which institution has developed 3D version of Graphene?

Q.17 Name the newly elected President of Ghana?

Q.18 Name the Indian tennis player among the winners of the 2017 Brisbane women’s doubles title?

Q.19 Name the winner of 2017 Qatar Open tennis title in the men’s single category?

Q.20 Name the Veteran Indian actor who passed away recently?

Q.21 Name the committee set up to frame National Sports Code?

Q.22 2017 has been declared as the International year of Sustainable __________ for Development by UNO?

Q.23 Name the newly discovered 79th organ in the human body?

Q.24 My Business and Digital Unlocked initiatives are of which Internet giant company?

Q.25 When is World Braille day celebrated?

Q.26 Which of these is not one of the 5 states going for assembly polls in February 2017?

Q.27 Who is the newly appointed executive director of RBI?

Q.28 BCCI President has been removed from his position by which authority?

Q.29 Name the newly appointed chairman of UPSC?

Q.30 Name the successfully test fired ICBM by India?

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