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Current Affairs December 2016 Part 2 – Over 60 MCQ Questions explained

The video combines important and latest information from various fields – Awards, Science and Technology, Politics, Business Mergers, Entertainment, Education, Economy, Sports to name a few. The Multiple Choice Questions give a hands on experience of the  questions as asked in the various Competitive Examinations.  Each information is further enhanced with important information about the topic in question in order to give complete information.

Latest GK and Current Affairs December 2016 Part 2

Current Affairs December 2016 – See Video for Over 60 Questions and Correct Answers

Q41. Name the tribunal which has imposed a complete ban on open burning of waste across India?

Q42. Name the satellite launched by China to monitor Global Carbon emission?

Q43. Name the World’s Most powerful man as per the recently released Forbes list?

Q44. What is the position of Indian Prime Minister as per the recently released Forbes list of the World’s Most Powerful Men?

Q45. What is the name of the program launched by Paytm to increase Digital inclusion?

Q46. The Solar Battery station and Community Development centre have been unveiled in which state?

Q47. Which country of the Mid East has recently abolished the controversial “Kafala” labour system?

Q48. Who of them is the newly appointed CEO of Indian Banks’ Association?

Q49. Name the occasion on which the Chief Justice of India has released the ‘Coffee table book’ titled ‘Courts of India – past to present’?

Q50. Name India’s first transgender school located in Kochi.

Q51. Name the cruise missile successfully test fired by Pakistan.

Q52. Name the newly elected mayor of Cupertino city, California, USA.

Q53. Name the Joint military exercise which is being conducted between India and Maldives.

Q54. Name the Indian Woman cricketer who has been named in the ICC Women’s Team of the Year, 2016.

Q55. What is the theme of the 5th edition of the Indo – Arab Partnership conference held at Muscat, Oman?


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