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Admission > Nalanda University Bihar announces Post Graduate Admissions 2015

Nalanda University Bihar announces Post Graduate Admissions 2015

Admission Master’s Degree Program 2015-16

Nalanda University, Bihar announces admission to Post Graduate courses for academic year 2015-16

Programme offered

The University will begin its formal academic programme with offering Master’s Degrees in the following two schools in the Academic Year 2015-16

i) School of Ecology and Environment Studies

ii) School of Historical Studies

School of Historical Studies: The School of Historical Studies will develop strong world and Asian history programmes. The School is uniquely poised to study the histories of different Asian and non-Asian regions. Students in the School of Historical Studies shall acquire a broad knowledge of global history, with specialisation in comparative or trans regional history

All programmes at the School shall emphasize collaborative research, language training particularly in classical languages

Those specializing in archaeology or art history will have the opportunity to study the sites at Nalanda and its vicinity. The art history programme shall include the study of cross-cultural influences and adaption, comparative analysis of Asian and European arts and the architectural traditions of various regions and religions

The School of Historical Studies will develop and apply a multidisciplinary approach to the modern study of history

The key focus areas of the School are: Global History, Asian Connections, Archaeology, Art History and Economic History

School of Ecology and Environmental Studies: The aim of the School of Ecology and Environment Studies is to foster research into local, regional and global environment issues adopting, pedagogically, a concentric circle approach from life in the campus to life in the biosphere

The Nalanda model of sustainable and inclusive development will have roots in local traditions while creating linkages between the past and present systems of knowledge. Interactions will be through collaborative projects, university-level tie-ups and student exchanges

Nalanda University will be a “live-laboratory” for research and innovation in ecology and environment studies, co-creating knowledge to benefit the local communities. Consequently, interdisciplinary research and teaching form the core of the School

Hence, the School’s problem-solving approach will require collaboration and training from diverse fields spanning basic sciences, social sciences and the humanities

The key focus areas of the School are: Human Ecology, Hydrology, Disaster Management, Agriculture and Food, Climate Change, Energy Studies

Eligibility Criteria

Graduate work in Nalanda is multidisciplinary, intense and intellectually demanding. The University has high academic standards and each School has specific requirements

The requirements specified below are the minimum necessary for graduate admission to the University. Higher academic or language requirements may be specified by each School. You are normally expected to hold or to have achieved the following:

For Indian students: A first class degree i.e. 60% from any Central University or 65% marks for applicants from other institutions

A minimum of three years Bachelor’s degree is required

For graduates from all other countries: If your institution uses the Grade Point Average (GPA) system you should normally have obtained or expect to obtain a GPA of at least 3.5 or above on a 4 point scale

English Proficiency: A requirement for all candidates. The University requires all applicants to demonstrate a high level of competence in the English language, as all courses will be conducted in English. Adherence to this requirement is strict. Students must be able to demonstrate that they are able to communicate in English at a level suitable to the Graduate Programs

Any one of the following will be accepted as evidence of competence in English;

For graduates from non-Indian universities scores of one of the accepted English Language tests (TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, PTE, STEP)

Indian students must have completed their undergraduate education in English as the medium of instruction and exam (A certificate to this effect is needed)

Admission Process

The entire application process for admissions is paperless and online in keeping with the University’s commitment to sustainability

Each completed application will be considered by the admissions team; only applications that are complete in all respects will be evaluated

Aspects that will be considered in evaluation of applications: Any offer of a place in the Nalanda University Graduate Program will depend on; i) Academic qualifications and relevant professional or other experience if appropriate ii) Suitability for the school / course iii) Rigour of program / education completed. iv) Proficiency in English v) Academic References vi) Written Statement of Purpose vii) Sample of graded written work

Applicants should ensure that all of these requirements are provided

Admission evaluation process: Candidates will be shortlisted and such candidates will be interviewed by means such as Skype before the offer of admission is made

Candidates offered admission must send their acceptance within the time specified; the University will have a wait list and it will be their discretion to use it or not

Wherever there is a requirement for qualitative assessment, the decision of the Selection Committee in that regard shall be final and binding

Application Fees

Application fees towards processing the application for admission, which shall be paid at the time of filling up the Application Form for admission, is INR 500 ($10, if paying in USD) and may be paid online through credit/debit cards or Net Banking

For details of the programme and the process of admission, please see www.nalandauniv.edu.in

Important Dates

Application start date: 07th February 2015

Last date for first round of admissions: 01st April 2015

Nalanda University, Bihar Nalanda University, Rajgir, Dist Nalanda-803116 (Bihar), Tel: +91-611-2255330, Website www.nalandauniv.edu.in


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