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Top reasons why UPSC CDS Exam Online applications are rejected

Eligible candidates are always time and again nudged to carefully go through the application procedure while applying for any examination or post. The UPSC CDS examination is no different from the rest. The candidates are always advised to carefully go through the examination in order to apply online for the examination.

Nonetheless, there are so many applications which are rejected due to an issue in the way they were submitted online. Since the application procedure for the examination is online only, you should keep in mind that there can be issues while filling the examination. It is recommended that the applicants are careful which in turn will reduce the chances of the applications being rejected.

As per the UPSC, major rejections of the application happen due to the following reasons:

    The candidate does not attach a good quality of the photograph which is to be submitted along with the application.

    • The application can also be rejected because of bad quality of the submitted signature.
    • There are times when the applicant swaps the attachment of the photograph with that of the signature. 
    • Some applications are rejected due to submission of photograph only, i.e no signature submitted or photograph submitted at the place of signature as well. 
    • The other way round is also true. Some applications are rejected due to submission of signature only i.e. no photograph submitted or signature submitted at the place of signature as well.
    • Since there are different parts to the application form, some applicants only submit Part- I of the form and thus the form remains incomplete because of non submission of PART-II
    • Due to some reason some applicants feel the need to submit multiple applications for the examination, however fee deposited against a particular application  is mentioned for other application having different RID. 
    • Many a times the application is rejected due to non submission of payment proof to the Commission within specified time in case of fictitious payment. 


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