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Key To Score High in UPSC Civil Services Exam

Tips on scoring high in IAS exam 2015

In today’s special, we want to share with you some of the easiest, most practical and result yielding strategies for successful scoring in IAS exam. But before we proceed any further with that, allow us to draw your attention to a fundamental aspect that an overwhelming proportion of IAS aspirants miss out on and eventually end up paying the price for! We are talking about self confidence.

We understand that IAS is indeed a pretty challenging and cut throat competitive exam – but that certainly does not mean that the odds in your favor are low. Nope – it’s not like that at all. In fact, if you are open to the idea of doing hard work powered by some strategic planning, the goal is not at all unreachable.

Coming back to the point, we already know that this exam is held in three distinct stages. First comes the preliminary exam, usually participated by somewhere around 5 lakh candidate from nationwide. Therefore, being primarily a screening exam, it can also be overly exhaustive. Here, the most important part would be to understand the exam pattern and structure before starting with the preparation. Candidates should ideally always start with basic text books so as to develop a clear concept on a given subject. Following this, they can proceed on to more advanced books and other study materials for better understanding. Practicing mock questions at least a month before the scheduled exam date is a practice that no one should overlook!

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The next phase is the Mains – admittedly a lot tougher than the prelims. Worse still, no matter how good your performance was in the prelims, that will hardly play any role in your performance in the Mains. You must also realize the fact that the descriptive nature of the questions in the IAS Main exam not only makes it difficult for you, but even for the examiner who perhaps requires checking 400-500 answer sheets a day. Therefore, it becomes absolutely necessary for you to ensure that your answers can successfully grab the examiner’s attention.  There are several ways to accomplish this objective – the most common and effective ones include: coming up with attractive headings and subheadings as well as giving them better visibility with two or more different colors (if possible). However, your job does not end there either – in order to score high, you must impress the examiner with your depth of knowledge on the subject matter pertaining to the questions. The ability to present your answers adequately also matters big time! Your fundamental priority should be to write what is asked of you – there’s no need to stretch your answers unnecessarily. And yes – it’s always advisable to explain your answers with the help of diagrams.