SCRA Exam Books, Solved Question Papers, Sample Question Papers for Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam

SCRA Exam Books, Solved Question Papers, Sample Question Papers for Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam

Self Study Guide for SCRA (Special Class Railway Apprentices) Examination

Complete Study Material on

Physical Science (Physics and Chemistry)


General Ability Tests (English, General Knowledge, Reasoning etc)


SCRA Solved Paper 2014

SCRA Solved Paper 2013

Physical Sciences

Physics: Units, Measurement’s and Dimensions; Scalars and Vectors; Motion in 1-2-3 Dimensions and Projectile Motion; Newton’s Laws of Motion and Friction; Circular Motion; Work, Energy and Power; Centre of Mass, Momentum and Collision; Rotational Motion of Rigid Body; Gravitation; Simple Harmonic Motion; Fluid Mechanics; Elasticity; Waves Motion; Sound Wave; Heat, Temperature and Calorimetry; Physics for Gaseous State; Laws of Thermodynamics; Transmission; Ray Optics; Waves Optics; Electric Charge; Gauss’s Law and Electric Potential; Electric Capacitor; Current Electricity; Magnetic Field; Magnetostatics; Electromagnetic Induction; Alternating Current and Electromagnetic Waves; Cathode Rays, Photoelectric Effect of Light and X-rays; Atomic Structure; Nucleus; Semiconductor Devices; Universe

Chemistry: Atomic Structure; Mole Concept; States of Matter; Chemical Thermodynamics; Chemical and Ionic Equilibria; Chemical Kinetics; Solution; Absorption and Colloidal System; Redox Reactions; Electro Chemistry; Nuclear Chemistry; Chemical Bonding; Periodic Properties; Lighter Metals; Chemistry of Heavier Metals; Co-ordination Compounds and Organometallics; Non-metals-I; Non-metals-II; Metallurgy; Qualitative Analysis; General Organic Chemistry; Purification and Organic Analysis; Hydrocarbons; Halogen Derivatives; Alcohol, Ether and Phenol; Carbonyl Compounds; Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives; Nitrogen Containing Compounds; Polymers, Biomolecules, Chemistry in Action

Mathematics: Sets, Relations and Functions; Complex Number; Quadratic Equation; Sequences and Series; Permutations and Combinations; Binomial Theorem and Mathematical Induction; Determinant; Exponential and Logarithmic Series; Matrices; Functions, Limits, Continuity and Differentiability; Differential Coefficients; Application of Derivatives; Indefinite Integral; Definite Integral; Differential Equations; Rectangular Co-ordinates, The Straight Line, Family of Lines; The Circle; Conic Sections; Trigonometry; Vectors; Three Dimensional Geometry; Computing; Numerical Methods; Linear Programming; Statistics; Probability

General Ability Test: Group; Miscellaneous; English; General Ability Test; Reasoning

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SCRA Solved Question Papers 2005 to 2014

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