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Self Improvement Articles for Students

Self Improvement Articles for students - Positive Thinking, Time Management, Goals, Improve Concentration and more...

- How to avoid Stress during Examinations ? - Article about tips to avoid stress during examinations, entrance exams and admission tests . Tips to reduce or minimise exam stress. Exam stress management tips and advice by Arun Vedhera

- The Importance of having a study plan - Most of the students either do not have an organized study plan or do not follow it sincerely.

- Tips for Developing Confidence - This instinct of self belief electrifies and energies us in a way that the best of our abilities are put to work and fortifies our efforts to achieve our goals

- What can we learn from the Politicians ? - Success Lessons from the NETAS

- Studying Hard - Tips to de-stress and Improve Concentration
Keep your mind work-oriented instead of result-oriented. Do you work best. Have faith that whatever result you get, is the best for you.

How to deal with Ragging ?
Although ragging is a punishable offense, we still see youngsters hanging themselves to the ceiling. A bully will always do what he is good at, but what is topping you from defending yourself? If not anything, you should atleast learn to defend yourself against any potential danger of any magnitude.

- Exam Fever - Prevention Tips. Does just thinking of Exams give you jitters ?
"Exams are essential evils”. They are Necessary since till now no other alternative method has been adopted universally and Evils because most people shiver by it’s name. Come EXAMS and many hearts skip a beat, students get anxious and spend sleepless nights. Not only students many adults suffer from exam phobia. They may be excellent at their work but when asked to prove their prowess through an examination, often they falter showing their vulnerability towards exams and exam related stress. >> Read More

Is Exam Stress killing you ? Fight it
If you are a student, there is no need for me to explain what exam stress is. Sleepless nights, troubled thoughts, loss of appetite, rapid pulse, trembling hands - these are typical manifestations of exam fear. Recent research has shown that it affects all the systems of the human body: nervous, immune, cardiovascular, etc.

Exam Preparation - Best Practice for Best Results - Part 2
You may have studied your material well and still not get the marks you deserve. Or you may have less work done and still maximize your results in the exam. What do you need to do to?

Exam Preparation - Best Practice for Best Results - Part 1
No matter how much or how little you study one thing is crucial for you to realize; you are being tested by an examination so you must practice answering examination questions. How you approach these practice questions will greatly affect your exam success. Here's what you have to do.
Entrance Exam Preparing Students – Do you have a study plan ?
It is preparation time for those who are planning to sit for entrance tests in India. Many of you may be attending coaching classes or have started there exam preparation quite some time back. But tell me frankly – How many of you have a Study Plan ?

And I Made It To Medical College
The Indian story of premedical years in school. medical college right after high school. intense struggle with the family and portrayal of narrow minded Indian middle class families and how a teenager goes through it all to finally reach the 'goal' but he is too numb by then...

Test Preparation : A college education is the final step before you finally step into the corporate world. But getting into a preferred college that will prepare you for the world of work means one thing -- passing the admission test ! Read more

The Art of Career Planning
Career planning is an exercise that is well worth the time invested in it because it sets you going on the path that leads to where you would like to go. This exercise provides you with a lot of clarity regarding your career objectives as well and it best done before you embark on your job search.Read More

Exam Results - Ten Stupid Things People Do to Trash Theirs - And How to Fix It by Teresa Bolen
Has this ever happened to you? You've studied and researched and done lots of work, and yet somehow when the Prof gives you your test back, you don’t always get the great results on your exams that you feel like you should be getting. If only you could figure out what is ruining your exam results… Read More

Is Studying Abroad an Expensive Affair? by Sapna Arora
"Seeing ourselves as others see us-- and ultimately, perhaps, as we are-- is something not easy to do at home. Put another way, fish never know they are wet, because they lack the contrast of air. “ If you wish to share above thoughts, you have to persistently working for Scholarships and Financial Aid. Many students fail to pursue scholarships because they believe scholarship competition is so fierce that only the most exceptional students receive awards. The truth is you do not have to be a super student to win scholarships.Read More

Online MBA Degree - Leads You To Success by Parijat Saurabh

The importance of an MBA degree in today's times cannot be ruled out. But before we start talking about the values of an MBA degree would it not be proper for us to spare a moment's thought about what this MBA is all about? Well MBA is a post-graduate degree in business communication and stands for Masters of Business Administration. This is an extremely popular course, one which has plenty of takers through out the world. It is not for nothing that it is considered as a major step towards a successful carrer in business management. An MBA degree can prove to be extremely beneficial to all those who are working in the capacity of executives and managers. Read Article

Education - Self Confidence
It is a fact of life that some people suffer from a Lack of Confidence. Unfortunately this problem holds back people who, in other ways are highly qualified but are failing to use their full potential. Read Article

Hey Parents - Relax - Anurag Chopra
It is your Child's Exams .....Not Yours.....
Come Exam Time and Many parents feel as if they are the ones appearing for the Boards. Believe it or not, the fact is that the bulk of anxiety students experience before or during Exams is mostly communicated by parents, whose expectations normally are not in the realm of reality. READ MORE

Exam Guides One - 5 Great Tips To Improve Your Strategy by Michael Smoke
In order to do well on a exam, you must first have a good knowledge of the information that is being examined. But, aside that, you must have a good strategy for taking the exam. This allows you to show what you know. This exam guide gives you some tips that will help you make a good strategy. READ MORE

10 Tips for Better Grades in Math by: Dr. Kempton Smith
Pass these on to your high school math student:
1. Don't just aim for 70%. Aim high and shoot for 100%.
2. When doing your math homework, be neat. It does make a difference. READ MORE

"M.U.R.D.E.R." A Study System by Hayes, John R.,

* Mood:
Set a positive mood for yourself to study in.
Select the appropriate time, environment, and attitude READ MORE

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